March 12, 2019

This tiny zebra foal just wants his mum

This tiny zebra foal just wants his mum
Dr. Chris Brown

Debate is raging over whether or not to help this tiny zebra foal who has lost his mum in Kruger National Park.

For the last 36 hours, he’s been approaching white vehicles in the hope they may be either his mum or another zebra. While it’s heartbreakingly likely his mum has been killed, there remains a small chance she’s been spooked by an unsuccessful lion or leopard attack and the two have been separated. The national park does have a policy of not intervening in nature, especially when humans have not been directly responsible for the situation unfolding.

Still, it’s hard not to feel for the little guy trying to make sense of the big, wide and scary world out there...

If there is good news, I’ll let you know on Drool...


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