April 01, 2020

How this cat brought a community together

How this cat brought a community together
Dr. Chris Brown

It seems like every day we’re reminded how pets were made for life in lockdown. And in the latest example, this house cat has single handedly allowed these families to bond in the most beautiful way…

Confined to her apartment in the UK, Sian Cosgrove of Leeds couldn’t help but admire the black and white cat making eyes at her from a neighbouring window. But in order to truly connect, she needed to know the cat’s name. So, in a (literal) sign of how simple the pleasures are that pets bring, she wrote a message in her window asking what the cat’s name was.

The neighbours soon wrote back. ‘Walter’ was the overly curious tuxedo clad cat’s name. This then prompted another sign from Sian stating ‘Great name. Walter is a handsome boy’.

Walter’s owners then replied ‘He says thank you’.

I’ll obviously keep you abreast with the latest developments in this breaking conversation. But in all seriousness, the role pets are playing in bringing communities together in this crisis cannot be overstated. ‘That’ virus has taught us to be even more grateful for the furry family members in our lives. And that’s a silver lining…

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