April 17, 2020

Prickles the sheep is a self-isolation expert

Prickles the sheep is a self-isolation expert
Dr. Chris Brown

Struggling without contact with friends and family? Prickles the sheep could always give you some tips on how to cope. She’s just been found in Tasmania after the most incredible adventure in isolation…

Surely no-one would suffer without friends, family or a flock more than sheep. But after escaping the devastating Dunalley bushfires of 2013, Prickles disappeared into a nearby bush block as a tiny lamb. Seven years later she reappeared on her owner’s farm this week, carrying around 30kg of wool and 84 months of wild stories from her life in the wilderness. Much to the surprise of farmer Alice Gray who is also self-isolating on the farm.

She’ll now be shorn and reunited with her fleecy family. Then she’ll have to catch up on the news of the world. At least nothing of note has happened in the last few months. Right?

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