February 19, 2020

The reason this pup and this pigeon are best friends

The reason this pup and this pigeon are best friends
Dr. Chris Brown

Hump day needs a heart warming animal friendship. And they don’t come much more adorable than Lundy the chihuahua and Herman the pigeon. But just why they need each other may warm your heart...

You see Lundy the chihuahua was born with a spinal cord issue that prevents him from moving freely. But being mostly bed bound until a special mini wheelchair can be found suited Herman the pigeon just fine. He’s so old that he also shares mobility issues.

So how have they become BFF’s? Well, it’s all to do with Lundy’s age. Being just two months of age when he arrived at the Mia Foundation rescue centre meant he was still well and truly within his ‘socialisation period’; that time when pets decide what’s normal. Since Herman was by his side then (and ever since), Lundy has now decided he’s well and truly family. And it’s hard to argue...

Together, they’re now the fur and feathers behind the ultimate feel good story for today. If you need them, they’ll be cuddling in bed...

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