February 25, 2020

This boy saved his puppy in the most beautiful way

This boy saved his puppy in the most beautiful way
Dr. Chris Brown

This 12 year old boy surrendered his own puppy “Rene” to a shelter to save the dog from an abusive home. Here’s why his selfless gesture might be the most heartfelt (and important) thing you read this week...

It’s hard to believe anyone could do anything but love this face. But in a note left at a shelter (along with a stuffed toy so he wouldn’t ‘forget his smell’) 12 year old Andres detailed his father’s abuse of Rene that included kicking him. But in a week that saw the tragic deaths of three kids and their mother in a heartbreaking domestic violence in Queensland, the awareness of the role that pets play in abusive family environments has never been more important.

After all, a survey of women under threat found that 60% delayed leaving their partner out of fears for the safety of the family pet. Importantly, shelters and temporary accommodation for animals are always available; no matter the area or the timing.

For Rene, a safe, loving family won’t be too far away. While healing from a possible tail fracture, he already has nearly 300 people in his native Mexico hoping to offer him a fresh (and affection filled) start to life. Hopefully this new life will include some visits from his human brother who bravely put his pup’s safety first.

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