February 28, 2020

The truth behind this heartwarming viral photo

The truth behind this heartwarming viral photo
Dr. Chris Brown

When 3 year old Peyton was sent to have time out after a fight with his sister, the family’s dog Dash couldn’t help but comfort him. But can dogs really read our emotions?

It’s always felt like in our hour of need, those empathetic eyes (and cold nose) aren’t too far away. Yet with next to know understanding of our language, how do they consistently seem to get it right? Well, research has long been searching for the answer. And the tricks dogs use might surprise you.

It turns out that our pets are masters of reading body language. Those puppy dog eyes are constantly analysing your facial expressions, posture and even the tone of your voice to sense your emotional state. But recent research also indicates they can smell our feelings using that same wet nose sent to comfort us when we’re crying.

This skill set means dogs like Dash know exactly when to be that shoulder to cry on. Dogs really are the best people!

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