June 17, 2019

This abandoned dugong calf wants a hug right now

This abandoned dugong calf wants a hug right now
Dr. Chris Brown

Need a hug to get you through the day? Well so does Marium the dugong calf who’s been discovered lost and alone in Thailand.

It’s believed the baby became separated from her mother off the coast of Krabi and sought out humans for company. An attempt was made to introduce her to a dugong colony off a nearby island but she swam away from the group. Vets and helpers are now keeping her alive by providing bottles of milk and masses of seagrass up to 15 times a day.

While they try to keep actual contact to a minimum to increase the chances she will integrate with a nearby herd, Marium will need milk for at least the next year. And the hugs? Well, that’s normal dugong nuzzling behaviour she uses to feel safe and secure in what is turning out to be a big, scary but thankfully caring world. Our flippers are crossed for you Marium...

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