June 16, 2019

Winter and a record drought still can’t beat these orphaned lambs

Winter and a record drought still can’t beat these orphaned lambs
Dr. Chris Brown

When a heartbreaking drought took their milk and even their mum’s away, people from all over the world found a way to warm these little hearts...

As temperatures drop in the Australian winter, so have the spirits of these little drought affected lambs. The lack of grass for sheep is meaning thousands of lambs are being born without the body fat they need to survive even their first few days of life. And worse still, their mum’s can barely produce enough milk to feed them. The tragic result would normally be fatal hypothermia.

But standing in the way of that are an unlikely band of animal lovers. Knitters from Europe, the USA, Canada, NZ and all over Australia have united to knit over 56,000 woolen jumpers for struggling lambs in the hardest hit areas. Their reward? Seeing these content and cosy little faces enjoying their creations. There’s no doubt their compassion has saved tens of thousands of little lives and ensured there’ll be no silencing these lambs this winter.

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