Cats aren’t emotionally cold. They say ‘I love you’ in all these ways.

Sure dogs get all the accolades for the way they ‘connect’ with us using their puppy dog eyes. But that’s not to say cats aren’t putting out the love vibe each and every day. In fact, they have up to 7 ways to say those 3 special words. And here’s how to read the signs...

And I’m only slightly embarrassed to say Cricket is unleashing at least 5 of them here. That’s about one signal every 3 seconds...

They are:

  1. Head butting
  2. Purring
  3. Kneading
  4. Leg rubbing
  5. Slow Blinking
  6. Rolling from side to side
  7. Grooming (licking) you

How many does your cat show you?

Something to paw over...