June 27, 2019

Felix’s near fatal mistake might save your little mate’s life

Felix’s near fatal mistake might save your little mate’s life
Dr. Chris Brown

A love of those cosy, dark corners of the home nearly cost Felix his life. He went through an ENTIRE wash cycle of the washing machine and somehow survived. But here’s how Felix’s experience could save your little friend...

Cats were really born to be astronauts. After all, they love to explore whatever dark space they can find. But crawling into a washing machine at the wrong time meant 1 year old Felix endured 35 minutes of mayhem as he was rolled, drenched and spun. Somehow, after emergency veterinary care, he survived. But his experience is a timely reminder that washing machines aren’t the only places cats love to hide.

Clothes dryers, hot water units, laundry chutes, clothes cupboards and even cardboard boxes for recycling are favourites and should be checked. While in winter, climbing up inside car engines is a potentially life threatening move unless you tap on the car bonnet to allow for their escape. In the vet clinic, clothes dryers are probably the most common cause of unwanted injuries...

Felix is thankfully well on the way to a full recovery...

Does your cat have a secret hiding spot that causes you to shake your head? I’d love to hear about it (and see it) on my Dr Chris Brown Facebook page so we can help the entire cat space explorer community...

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