August 16, 2023

Could their food be making them itchy?

Could their food be making them itchy?
Dr. Chris Brown

Dogs (and cats) having a scratch doesn’t always raise suspicion. In fact, many pet parents just assume it’s what the furry family do with their spare time! But what if that scratching is trying to tell you something? So here’s how to find the true cause…

Warning. You might be surprised by what it is…

For starters, let’s look at the most common causes of ‘the itch’. Most pet parents I speak to in the vet hospital would say it’s their food. However, allergies to grasses, weeds and pollens are actually more common…just.

Here are the top 3 causes of itchiness:

  1. Environmental allergies (grasses, weeds, pollens, dust mites)
  2. Food allergies
  3. Bitey things (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes)

🐈 What about cats? Well, while food allergies aren't as common, all 3 'itchy things' still occur in cats. And the signs are similar 🐈‍⬛

So how can you tell them apart?

Well, it’s tricky. While fleas will tend to bite them in the area above their tail and on their belly, both environmental AND food allergies result in:

  • Red bellies
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Foot licking
  • Inflamed, itchy ears

The result? Confusion!

The reality is the ONLY way to truly nail down whether a food allergy is causing that itch is to become a dinner detective. And rule the potential culprit foods in our out.

But here’s your first clue.

95% of all food allergies are caused by the PROTEIN in the food.

That’s right. That ingredient they love the taste of (like chicken, beef, soy and wheat) is setting off the reaction that causes that itch.


Work out what protein could be their kryptonite! And switch from food (and treats) containing the protein potentially causing the allergy to something new their body hasn’t seen before.

This is called an elimination trial.

If the itch (and gut upsets) disappear, then you’ve found your problem protein ✔️


Pick and Stick with these new or ‘novel’ proteins in their food. When their stomach encounters these new proteins (like fish), the allergic reaction (and itching and scratching) shouldn’t be triggered.

Need some help?

Because food allergies (and sensitivities) affect so many dogs, I’ve created my new Salmon Hypoallergenic treats. They’re not only packed with novel fish protein (Australian salmon), they’re also completely grain free and boosted with prebiotics. Oh and they’re possibly the most delicious treat I’ve ever created. Which helps!


Hypoallergenic Treats (Salmon)
Hypoallergenic Treats (Salmon)

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