October 23, 2023

So what is brown kelp?

So what is brown kelp?
Dr. Chris Brown

So yes, that’s (a very cold) me. And believe it or not, I’m actually surrounded by one of the most fascinating (and beneficial) things on the planet for our pet’s health. It’s Atlantic Brown Kelp.
But why is it so special? Well, it’s just about the only natural substance that‘s scientifically proven to reduce tartar and also freshen their breath.

This naturally occurring seaweed found in the cold oceans of the northern hemisphere is packed full of an enzyme that actually fights back against the build up of dangerous mouth bacteria and that dreaded tartar - the cause of that pungent bad breath. 
So naturally, that’s why I include sustainably grown Brown Kelp in my Teeth + Breath dental treats for dogs and cats.
And best of all, because it's absorbed from their stomach, it still works on their teeth even when they just scoff those treats straight down. Crucial!
Here's the very fresh place it comes from!
That enzyme actually ends up in their saliva, delivering that dental benefit straight to the teeth. Meaning over the course of a few weeks to a few months, that whole mouth can be cleaner...
It's one of those ingredients we're only now learning more about. So I'm thrilled you and the furry family get the benefits straight away.
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