May 15, 2024

How to stop that Code Brown diarrhoea. Quickly!

How to stop that Code Brown diarrhoea. Quickly!
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s crazy how every pet parent becomes an expert in their dog or cat’s poo. But have you ever wondered what causes the most spectacular of all pet moments, the stomach upset?

Well, strap yourself in. Here’s how to avoid them and the super easy way to stop that explosive diarrhoea in it’s tracks!

The undeniable fact is that all members of the furry family suffer from diarrhoea at some stage. And while it often seems like there’s been no warning, here are some signs that gut trouble is on the way…

Look out for:
⁃ Loud gurgles from the stomach
⁃ Flatulence
⁃ Loss of appetite

But just what’s caused that gut upset is often a surprise.

Based on what I see at the vet hospital, here are the most common causes of those gurgles, squirts and gut explosions…
⁃ Eating too much
⁃ Eating rich, fatty foods
⁃ Drinking from dirty puddles or water bowls
⁃ Viruses
⁃ Diet change

Try to remember, that diarrhoea is their body’s response to a seriously upset situation. Their body wants whatever is causing the problem, out of there. In a rush!

So to stop it, just follow these simple steps…
1. Remove their food. Anything else into that upset stomach is only going to cause more diarrhoea and even vomiting. So no food for 24 hours is a crucial start. And they will handle (and even appreciate) the break from food…
2. Calm their digestive system. After treating thousands of gut upsets, I’ve seen how to quickly bring relief and stop the sloppy stools. My Tummy Tamer uses kaolin to soothe the lining of their intestine, activated charcoal to absorb toxins and live probiotics to quickly bring the balance back to their gut bacteria.


The Tummy Tamer
The Tummy Tamer

That gut upset doesn’t have to ruin their week. Nor yours. In fact, it might be easier to bring relief to their stomach than you think. That’ll help everyone sleep more smoothly...

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