July 19, 2022

The secret culprit behind bad breath...revealed!

The secret culprit behind bad breath...revealed!
Dr. Chris Brown

We’ve all been there. You get close enough to look into your best mate’s eyes, only for their breath to make yours water! But the actual cause of that gag-worthy breath might surprise you…

It’s time to reveal the culprit…And just a warning, it’s the same for people too!

The assumption:

For a lot of people, the assumption is that bad breath is often caused by what they've just eaten. But studies show that's rarely the case. In fact, what's sitting in the stomach has a tiny effect on what comes out on their breath. The true culprit is actually something you can’t see….but oh boy you CAN smell!

The culprit!

The villain behind the vile smells? A special type of bacteria that actually produce gases. Yes, basically flatulent bacteria. Quite seriously!

In fact, these bugs live in that brown plaque on your pet’s teeth and in their infected gums when things have gone unchecked for too long. And as they feed on decaying food particles and even your pet’s own tissue, they produce a sulfur-filled gas (like rotten egg gas) that we know as bad breath…or ‘dog breath’. I've looked in enough mouths to know what the below smells (and even tastes!) like. Eek.

So what can you do about it?

Well, early action the moment you notice that stinky breath is key. The longer it’s left, the more serious their dental disease will become. Left unchecked, dogs may need expensive dental cleaning under general anaesthetic at the vets and even tooth extractions.

But you can now fight back against bad breath and dental disease with my Drool Teeth + Breath dental treats. These use Activated Charcoal, Brown Kelp, Coconut Oil and Vitamin C to not only freshen breath now by neutralising those dangerous bacteria but also provide proven, long term protection against dental disease by reducing plaque and strengthening gums…

Breath that doesn’t wake you up in shock will surely be welcomed by all the family. Furry ones included! Mind you, I feel like I should apologise for bringing the idea of flatulent bacteria into your world. My apologies...


Drool Teeth + Breath Treats
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