June 22, 2021

How to protect against dog baits

How to protect against dog baits
Dr. Chris Brown

As a strange chicken feet and glass concoction found in Bondi shows, there are some sad people who insist on baiting our best friends. You can either be angry OR teach your dog two words that could be life-saving. Or hey…why not do both. Here’s how you teach ‘leave it’…

Baiting of dogs somehow occurs all over the world. This one just found on the streets of Bondi had glass and chilli concealed within a chicken foot. Thankfully the RSPCA and Police are investigating. Just how anyone would want to hurt the most selfless soul in our society is beyond me. But that’s all I want to say about baiting. Instead, I want to take positive action and give you a tool that can make all the difference if you’re unlucky enough to encounter a bait in your local park or on the streets.

For starters, if baits have been seen, keep your dog on a leash. Some baits are made to be incredibly appealing. Your next best insurance however, is the “Leave It!” command. I know, two words that no furry family member ever wants to comprehend learning. But like other two word phrases, they do have a time and place. And this is certainly it.

So here’s the easy way to learn LEAVE IT!

1. Grab their favourite treat in one hand and a tiny piece of a less appealing food in the other hand
2. With a closed fist, let your dog sniff your hand with the less appealing food
3. Say ‘Leave It’ and wait until they stop sniffing
4. AS SOON as they stop, say ‘Good Boy/Girl’ and give their favourite treat from the other hand
5. Repeat until they immediately stop sniffing when you say ‘Leave It’. Reward with the good treat.
6. Next, step up the training with your dog on a leash in your yard or park by placing that less appealing food just out of reach.
7. As your dog sniffs at the food, say ‘Leave it’ and when they stop sniffing, reward them with their favourite treat.

Those two little words should quickly become your go-to in the park, on the street or when they come across your dinner and think it’s their treat…

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