May 27, 2021

The serious truth on whether pets laugh!

The serious truth on whether pets laugh!
Dr. Chris Brown

Our pets are often the biggest jokers we know but have you ever wondered whether they can actually laugh? The answer will hopefully put a smile on your face...

It turns out they do see the lighter side of life. From puppies that are playing to older dogs that experience tickle time, the furriest family members will indeed have a laugh. But rather than roaring, cackling or chuckling, their laughter sounds more like a forced and breathy pant. Listen out and you will hear it at their most humorous moments. Best of all, you can actually learn how to mimic it and share the moment with them. Here's how...
(In the privacy of your own home)
1. Round your lips and make a 'huhh' sound using your breath rather than your voice box.
2. Use an open mouthed expression to make a 'hhah' sound. Again using a forced breath rather than your voice.
3. Combine the two together to create your own dog laugh track that should sound like 'huhh hhah huhh hhah huhh hhah'
And with that, it's a warm welcome to the world of canine comedy previously only occupied by four legged members...


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