September 23, 2021

Why that wag says more than you think!

Why that wag says more than you think!
Dr. Chris Brown

It turns out that mad wagging of a dog’s tail isn’t quite as random as you might think. In fact, the direction they wag reveals a LOT about their true feelings. Here’s how it works…

We all know and love that uncontrollable full body wag that we’re greeted with when we get home. It’s pure, unlimited joy that has them looking like they might just take off. But if you take a closer look at the way their tail moves in other situations, you might just learn how they really feel about a person or a situation.

Let me break down the University of Trento findings here. Basically, the side the tail wags to THE MOST is the critical element here…

If they favour their RIGHT side then:
You’re familiar to them. They feel comfortable, relaxed and keen to approach.

If they favour their LEFT side then:
They’re unsure about what to do next. They’re either unfamiliar with the person or trying to decide what your intention is. Dogs will often wag to the left when confronted with a dog that could be aggressive. Look for this in the park.

Amazingly, dogs have been shown to read this body language and know what another dog’s feelings are by the direction that tail moves.

It’s fascinating to think that this is all subconscious and completely involuntary. It’s why that tail wag is so special. They can’t possibly hide their true feelings about being wildly happy to see you. It just feels RIGHT.

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