September 06, 2021

The quirky trick to tell a boy from a girl

The quirky trick to tell a boy from a girl
Dr. Chris Brown

As a vet, there’s nothing more awkward than mixing up the sex of a dog or cat. It really ruins the vibe. Well, it turns out there’s another fascinating way to tell boy from girl…without looking between their legs! Here’s how…

It’s one of the simplest training tricks. But asking a dog to shake hands might be saying a lot more than you think.

That’s because researchers at the University of Sydney found that in both dogs and cats, males prefer to use their left paw while females prefer to use their right to shake. And even if they’re not into shaking hands, you should still see the same side preference for tasks like reaching under a sofa to grab a treat, flicking off a small piece of tape from their nose or steadying a rolling tennis ball so it doesn’t roll away.

While in humans only 13% of us are left handed (but more likely to be creative) there isn’t the same right hand/paw dominance in pets. But studies did show that left pawed dogs are more likely to be used as police and guide dogs.

Sure it's not quite as dramatic as some gender reveal parties in 2023 but shaking hands IS a lot more effective, cheaper and time efficient!

Did it work for you? Don't just try it once, it's a case of best of 10 to be more accurate...

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