March 13, 2024

The ONE thing long living pets have in common

The ONE thing long living pets have in common
Dr. Chris Brown

When they live such short lives compared to us, we’re naturally all ears when it comes to ways they can live their best and longest life. But there’s one trait that almost all pet senior citizens seem to share.

Here’s what it is and why it matters...

Working as a vet, I’m constantly reminded of and exposed to those attributes that lead to a longer life. And for the most part, they’re not that different to ours.

You know the stuff. A healthy diet, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and avoiding obesity.

But then there’s the pet specific matters. Being desexed and not running free close to dangers like cars. But while they’re all important factors, there’s one that stands tall above all else for significance.

The answer? It’s their teeth. Surprised? In fact, studies have shown that keeping their teeth clean and free of tartar can add a remarkable 3-5 years to their lifespan. And in the vet clinic, it is rare to see a dog or cat in their late teens with truly terrible teeth.

So while that bad breath is obviously eye-watering, why does dental disease have such a profound impact?

It comes back to what that dental disease represents. It’s basically a mouth full of bacteria desperately trying (and often succeeding) to invade into the gums. But what’s often not recognised is that once those bacteria get into the gums, they don’t stop with just loosening the teeth. Those gum infections actually cause bacteria to be seeded all around the body meaning those dangerous bugs land in the heart, liver and kidneys leading to often life-limiting health problems like congestive heart failure, liver infections and kidney failure.

So how do you keep those teeth clean?

In extreme cases, a full clean, scale and polish under anaesthetic may be required at your vet.

But you can help prevent that tartar buildup in the first place by using the proven ingredients (like brown kelp, activated charcoal and coconut oil) in my Teeth + Breath treats. They can even reduce plaque once it forms. 

Finding a way to neutralise those bacteria and avoid the plaque build up just frees up so much more energy when their immune system is no longer fighting those near constant infections in the mouth. Fascinating and fresh huh…

Drool Teeth + Breath Treats
Teeth + Breath

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