March 13, 2024

The 2 minute licky feet hack

The 2 minute licky feet hack
Dr. Chris Brown

For so many dogs. Park is life. And the thought that allergies to the grasses and weeds are what's causing them to be up all night is the furthest thing from their mind. 

So I wanted to create a way to help everyone sleep easier. And this 2 minute hack might just be it...


There are two key things going on here. Not only are you washing away the grass and weed proteins causing the sensitivity, you're also soothing their skin. 

If you'd prefer the steps written out so you can follow along, here you go...


  • Grab a sink, a tub or even a cat litter tray.
  • Fill it with water so it's around 10cm (4 inches deep)
  • Then add a squirt of Soothe My Skin Wash and mix it around.
  • After each walk on grass, let them stand in the bath for 1 minute for front feet and 1 minute for back feet.
  • You can also give that belly of theirs a splash with the mix.
  • You’ll wash away the allergens that are about to cause that licking and calm that sensitive skin. The difference will be game changing!

It's been such a useful (and easy) way to ward off that irritated skin in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Even Buzzy seems ok with it. Remarkable considering keeping him in one place after burning around the park requires some serious negotiation!

Soothe My Skin Wash
Soothe My Skin Wash

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