May 16, 2019

This labs sticky situation might save your dog

This labs sticky situation might save your dog
Dr. Chris Brown

You may have heard it’s dangerous to throw sticks for your dog to fetch. “Corona” the lab is the living proof of why...

After a seemingly routine trip to the park, Corona was making strange gagging sounds and seemed unsettled. When she then began vomiting blood her owners rushed her to the vet for emergency surgery to remove a cigar shaped stick that had lodged and was cutting into her oesophagus.

Most injuries in the park occur when dogs try to pick up sticks at speed. Sharp points they don’t see can cut into the face and neck and in the most unfortunate cases, even hit the jugular vein. Sadly, I see an injury caused by sticks around every month.

So park the twig. And go for a ball or frisbee instead if you want to avoid sticky situations in the future...

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