The one thing we almost all do wrong when our pets are sick

Nothing causes more panic than a dog or cat that’s about to vomit. And even if you do get them outside quick enough to save the carpet, the confusion and concern then centres around what caused them to be sick in the first place.

And while our mind races to thoughts of a potential virus, food poisoning from Dad’s casserole or swallowed pieces of that missing chew toy, the answer may be a lot more mundane. In fact, eating too quickly (and hairballs in the case of cats) accounts for the vast majority of vomits around the house. simple hairballs (cats) or just eating too quickly (dogs and cats) accounts for the vast majority of vomits around the house.

But there’s one thing we almost all do that makes another vomit all too likely. We let them have a big drink of water. You see, while it might take the acidic taste from their mouth, the sudden swelling of their stomach with fluid often forces them to press the ‘eject’ button for the second time.

So for the hour or two after a vomit, try taking away their water bowl. As a peace offering you can leave a small saucer of water they can lick at but in this time, dehydration will not be a problem. This simple step should save them from entering that vicious cycle of vomiting.

Obviously if they look unwell and are repeatedly sick then get to your vet as soon as possible...

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