August 11, 2020

The quirk about cat whiskers you’ve never noticed

The quirk about cat whiskers you’ve never noticed
Dr. Chris Brown

They’re one of the more bizarre looking feline features. But did you know this unique cat fact about whiskers?

Sure they’re highly sensitive hairs with nerves deeply embedded in the base. But the length of a those fibers is highly significant. The width of a cat’s whiskers from one side to the other should be the exact width of the widest part of your cat’s body.

Yes those whiskers have evolved to allow a cat to instantly tell whether they can fit through small spaces. If the whiskers touch on both sides, chances are their hips or shoulders would get stuck.

There’s only one catch however. If a cat puts on a large amount of weight (say after the summer holidays?!) the whiskers won’t grow in length to compensate. 

Furball + Skin Cat
Furball + Skin Cat

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