May 16, 2022

Why dogs are obsessed with cat food!

Why dogs are obsessed with cat food!
Dr. Chris Brown

You’d think it was the most prized delicacy on the planet. But here’s the fascinating reason why dogs obsess over eating cat food!

Look away for a moment and they’ll have their mouth buried in your cat’s food bowl. A move that doesn’t exactly help any pre-existing tension between the two!

But let’s look at why they’re so captivated by the cat’s food.

For starters, and how do I put this mildly…IT’S THE CAT’S FOOOOOD!!! Genuinely, food envy extends into the pet-o-sphere and the chance to ‘have what she’s having’ cannot be missed. In fact, studies have shown that dogs do get jealous when other dogs (and cats) receive treats and affection while they miss out. So their food bowl is hot property…

The other factor? It’s actually what’s in cat food. Because your meower has different nutritional requirements (yes they’re strict carnivores), their food contains more protein. And more protein means more flavour. In mass produced commercial foods, it also means fewer fillers. And the woofy side of the family can sniff it out.

It's why I don't use any processed meat meals (like chicken meal) in my treats (like my Daily Boosters) and only use real chicken breast. They've got a genuine desire and need for quality protein... 

Daily Boosters
Daily Boosters

Oh and if you’re wondering, dogs can live on cat food long term but cats can’t live on dog food. Their amino acid and protein requirements are too unique. But the odd snack of each others…or the stealing of a few treats is just fine. All’s fair in love, war and furry family friendships…



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