January 17, 2020

This hippo chose the wrong waterhole for a swim

This hippo chose the wrong waterhole for a swim
Dr. Chris Brown

With drought also hitting large parts of Africa and all local rivers and dams all dried up, this hippo took his need for water into his own hooves. And prompted a full scale veterinary operation in the process...

One of Africa’s most dangerous animals isn’t high up on the list of desirable pool party guests. But the three tonne male hippo wasn’t taking no for an answer when he understandably lobbed into the pool in Botswana. The only problem being the steep sides prevented him from getting himself out when he was suitably hydrated.

However, thanks to a winch and a makeshift ramp, he was safely removed and relocated to a more appropriate (and natural) source of water. But not before depositing over 100kg dung in the previously pristine pool. Free to happily wallow another day.

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