February 08, 2020

This retriever could really shake up a game of fetch

This retriever could really shake up a game of fetch
Dr. Chris Brown

There’s a very good reason why Finley the golden retriever looks so proud of himself. He’s just achieved something no dog has ever accomplished...

In the history of dogs doing the best dog damn things, Finley just put himself in the record books. He’s the first dog to ever fit six (that’s right, six) tennis balls in his mouth at any one time. Beating the previous record of five that was also held by a golden retriever, this time called Augie.

And while tennis balls are too abrasive to be chewed on consistently for fear of them wearing down a dog’s teeth, Finley should use his supercanine powers with great care. After all, scooping up 6 tennis balls at once could really ruin a park fetch session for at least half a dozen very confused canines...

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