March 23, 2020

This puppy had a hilarious self isolation fail

This puppy had a hilarious self isolation fail
Dr. Chris Brown

For all the good being done by pets propping up morale in self isolation situations around the world, there had to be one dog who got it all wrong right? Well, we’ve found him. And it’s spectacularly brilliant.

Ten month old German Shepherd pup Kilo is good at a few things. Being cute is thankfully one of them. And he needed to draw upon all that credit when he destroyed all of his owners self isolation supplies in one fun filled spree of destruction in his owner’s living room. Most boldly of all, he even ruined his mum’s toilet precious toilet paper supply.

But one thing Kilo is bad at is successfully denying his crimes. That’s the plastic packaging loosely wrapped around his neck.

There are a lot of reasons to love Kilo; and that’s despite the loss of the highly prized loo paper. But reminding us of the need to find humour every day is undoubtedly the reason we love this very good boy...

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