June 21, 2021

Turns out chocolate frogs are real

Turns out chocolate frogs are real
Dr. Chris Brown


Reading this while hungry isn’t advisable. Scientists have discovered a real life chocolate frog. And he’s a stunning sight for your eyes only. Here's what we know about them...

Surely there was a multi-coloured killer python nearby?

Researchers exploring the rainforests of New Guinea must have thought their eyes were deceiving them when they came across a species that looked more like confectionary than a conventional amphibian. But interestingly, it was the frog’s mating call that actually revealed who its ancestors truly are.

The ‘Chocolate Frog’ (Litoria mira) appears to be a close relative of the iconic Green Tree Frog of northern Australia. And given Australia is only 80 nautical miles from Papua New Guinea it’s likely the cocoa colour developed after the two species (and land masses) were separated by water around 10,000 years ago.


For now though, all we can do is sit back in wonder at how nature always delivers the sweetest treats for our eyes. No doubt a multi-coloured killer python was also close by…

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