July 06, 2021

Can you guess who did THIS?!

Can you guess who did THIS?!
Dr. Chris Brown

This eucalyptus tree on the Gold Coast was chewed through in less than 2 hours. But can you guess which Aussie animal favourite is responsible? You might be surprised. Hint: They were looking for food...

The answer? It’s actually a yellow tailed black cockatoo searching for grubs hiding deep inside. Yes, that very vocal visitor to the coast during the winter months is armed with a powerful beak and clearly isn’t afraid to use it. Trust me, as a vet, my fingers know this only too well.

While sulfur crested cockatoos are more commonly associated with some crafty timber carpentry (well…demolition), black cockatoos find the lure of a protein rich grub (like a caterpillar) hard to pass up. They typically balance this out with the seed pods from coastal banksia trees. Either way, at least it explains a rather intense piece of food preparation...


(Images: Chris Shipman)

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