January 12, 2022

Why cats are holding this blender hostage

Why cats are holding this blender hostage
Dr. Chris Brown

These three cats are keeping the world amused by refusing to leave this blender box alone in the kitchen.

But here’s the fascinating reason why they're doing it…

This kitchen in Vancouver, Canada, is now entering the 4th week of an intense standoff between Max, George and Lando and a packaging box with a blender still inside.

They refuse to leave their vigil with at least one of them insisting on standing on it. Meaning the owner is yet to free the blender from its tense predicament. But just why they’re doing this couldn’t be more ‘cat’…

You see, for a cat, a kitchen is sacred. It’s where their favourite snacks emerge from and are often consumed. The other force they worship is height. Being able to look down on the world gives them immense security…and just a little smugness.

But for kitty’s not allowed up onto kitchen benches, anything that gives them the height they crave in the part of the house they worship, is an all powerful podium that deserves constant perching on. And that’s what these three characters are doing. Plus, once one of them made it a ‘thing’, you can be guaranteed they all now wait their turn to be King of the Kitchen.

Sure their mum Jessica could just lift them off the box and move the blender. But seriously, could you defy these three and remove the most sacred kitchen gadget ever (accidentally) created? I thought not…😂

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