January 26, 2022

Why cats actually have that belly pouch

Why cats actually have that belly pouch
Dr. Chris Brown

Just about every cat insists on carrying that fatty pillow around between their back legs. But just why it’s there (and important) might surprise you…

If cats were ever going to feel self-conscious over anything, it’s probably their belly pouch. It’s the one part of their body that isn’t exactly svelte and sleek. But just about every cat over 6 months of age has one. And there’s a fascinating reason why…

It’s actually called their primordial pouch. And it is most certainly fat. But rather than being an open and shut case of too much munching on dinner, the reality is quite separate to that. Cats are MEANT to have one.

For starters, that fat pad is actually a form of body armour. When cats are hunting (or even squabbling with other cats) that pillow protects their fragile internal organs from injuries. It’s just that some cats armour themselves more extensively!

The next part of the fat pouch puzzle is a surprising one. It helps them run. Seriously. The pad acts like an elastic band that helps their body spring from one bound to the next.

And finally, that pillow does what it always promised to. Yes, it stores the extra fat from a big meal to help a ‘meower’ get through what could be a few days between meals. And sure - while in your home, this might be limited to just a few hours between meals, the function is still the same. It’s a mobile energy reserve. Kind of like a camel’s hump…but tucked neatly between their legs.

Yes…your cat can now claim that pouch is a must have accessory. So stop it with the unflattering photos 😂

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