July 04, 2019

Why these two bucks needed saving

Why these two bucks needed saving
Dr. Chris Brown

It was a different kind of rescue for lifeguards on a Wollongong Beach this afternoon when two male deer were washed into the ocean. Here’s what they were doing there...

The two male deer (seen by their growing antlers) swapped the nearby bushland for the beach in what may be an end of breeding season push for new females and territory or an attempt to escape predators. And while they are accomplished swimmers, the big swells combined with the easterly direction they were swimming meant lifeguards had no choice but to intervene and herd them back to shore. While there were some nervous moments when one of the deer slipped beneath the waves, both are now back on dry land and drying off after a day to remember for everyone concerned.

The two guys are no doubt thankful to the lifeguards for appreciating those times where bathers Swim Between the Stags, not the flags...


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