September 25, 2023

Why male pets have nipples

Why male pets have nipples
Dr. Chris Brown


Ok I feel like I should apologise. I may have blown a lot of minds when I casually dropped the fact that male dogs and cats have nipples. Lots and lots of them. With the most common question being WHY?! And since I don’t think anyone could continue their weekend without knowing, here’s the answer…

Just prepare for more shocks.

Honestly, if these images don’t raise a red flag with the server I don’t know what will. But yes, both male and female cats and dogs typically have either 8-10 nipples. Or if they channel Harry Styles, maybe they have 9 or 11. Which is…a lot. And despite what some Droolers thought, de-sexing doesn’t make the nipples disappear.


So why do male cats and dogs get them in the first place? After all, it's not like they'll be producing milk. Well, as the male owner of two myself, the answer is actually pretty fascinating. And it’s found in the womb…


You see, even though a pet pregnancy is comparatively quick (roughly 9 weeks in both dogs and cats), the all-important nipples actually develop BEFORE that foetus becomes either male or female at 6 weeks of age. So it’s all timing. And weirdly, nipples are prioritised. It’s a case of nipples before other ‘bits’. Or NBOB.


So there you go, the fact (and acronym) you never thought you’d learn. You’re welcome!


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