June 18, 2024

The one music type pets love. And the one they despise!

The one music type pets love. And the one they despise!
Dr. Chris Brown

Considering just how sensitive the furry family’s ears are, you better believe they have opinions on the music we play at home! But the effect it can have on their mood might surprise you.

In fact, there’s one genre that dogs, cats and all pets seem to enjoy. And another that sends them scurrying. Here’s what they are…

Cheddar the dachshund is living proof of the power of music. When building work began next door to his house last week, he let everyone hear his disapproval at the noise and vibrations by barking and shaking. Classic signs of anxiety. But as his video on TikTok showed, putting on classical music instantly calmed him.

Yep, if they could, classical music would be on every pets playlist. It's universally on their 'liked' list. 

In fact, in research conducted by Deborah Wells from Queens University in Belfast, classical music has consistently:
Slowed breathing
⁃ Reduced pacing
⁃ Allowed pets to sleep more.

Reggae and soft rock also seemed to be popular. 

On the flip side, heavy metal music resulted in tremors and shaking. Eek.

And it isn't just dogs and cats that enjoy music! 
Cows and pigs have shown similar interest in music as our furry friends. Cows prefer calming music which can even help them produce more milk, whereas pigs seem to enjoy a wide variety of tunes. How interesting!

So, with this in mind, the most thoughtful present for your little mate when you're leaving the house is this dynamic duo.

A calming music playlist I've created here AND some Calm + Collected Treats to ensure they stay that way all day. Thanks to the natural, long-acting L-theanine, it's a gift that keeps on giving for the entire 8-10 hours you're out of the house.

Calm + Collected
Calm + Collected

Calm + Collected Cat
Calm + Collected Cat

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