May 09, 2019

Why you don’t see white dog poo anymore

Why you don’t see white dog poo anymore
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s one of life’s big questions. But the mystery of why we no longer see this luminous lawn ornaments says a lot more than you think. Here’s why they’ve disappeared…

Most of us haven’t seen those white wonders since our childhood. In fact, it feels like they disappeared around the late 80’s or early 90’s. But that also coincides with some significant changes in our furry family’s lives and lifestyles.

The big one? What we feed them changed.

What was considered ‘dog food’ began to elevate from the cheap fillers and chicken/beef ‘meals’ that had flooded the market.

And while highly processed and low quality ‘meals’ that are high in bone still persist in some treats and food, one other message began to sink in.

Yes, in the early 90’s, we finally learned that feeding cooked bones to dogs was dangerous as the bones could splinter and cause serious internal injuries.
Oh and we also started to pick up more dog poo.

So what does all this have to do with white dog poo? Well, cooking bones (in pet food or in the table scraps you give) actually makes the bone indigestible. As a result, even when your mate manages to crunch a bone into small fragments or even a powder, it’s passed out the other end almost completely unchanged. Meaning that once that poo sat on the lawn for a few days in the rain, the white bone powder is all that remained. And it baked bright and white in the sun. Which ensured it really stood out!

This factors all delivered the white dog poo that’s as much a part of the late 80’s as big hair, fluro leggings and hypercolour T-shirts. It’s also a glowing reminder of why we need to keep improving the lives (and food) of our smallest family members…

Yes, what those glowing white beacons represent is why I insist on the highest quality Aussie chicken breast and no ‘chicken meals’ in my boosted treats.

Mystery solved!

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Daily Boosters

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