April 19, 2022

Why they REALLY eat grass!

Why they REALLY eat grass!
Dr. Chris Brown

 That switch to salad life isn’t accidental. In fact, eating grass is a very deliberate way of saying they need something in their life. And it’s probably not to make themselves sick. Here’s what is…

It’s long been assumed that eating grass is their fast way of getting on the furry Vomitron - to make themselves sick. BUT here’s the first shock.

The highly respected University of California Davis found that only 1 in 4 grass eating escapades was followed by a vomit. So what could it be? Well, it turns out they are most certainly looking for something. Just not quite what you expect…

 While the furry family can become deficient and seek out the B vitamin Folic Acid, almost all grass eating attempts are about one thing and one thing only. The nutrient they’re desperately after is actually fibre. And cats and dogs will seek it out when they feel like they’re lacking their greens or when they sense they need to stabilise their digestive system. You see, fibre not only firms up their stools if they have diarrhoea but fibre plays a crucial role in providing food for their good bacteria that keep their whole digestive system in balance. Without fibre, the bad bacteria can run rampant and cause gut upsets (with vomiting and diarrhoea) as well as those smells that are far from appealing…

Keeping those bacteria in balance is exactly why I've packed highly advanced green banana flour (a prebiotic fibre) into my In-Betweeners dog treats and Furball + Skin cat treats. With everything they eat, sneak and lick, they’re the reliable way of keeping that gut health humming.


Furball + Skin Cat
Furball + Skin Cat

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