August 15, 2019

The surprising reason pets snack on grass

The surprising reason pets snack on grass
Dr. Chris Brown

Ever seen your cat (or dog) munching on grass? Well, the reason they do it probably isn’t what you’re thinking...

It turns out they haven’t made the switch to the salad life. Nor are they trying to make themselves vomit as most of us have previously thought. Instead, researchers at the University of California Davis found that only 27% of the ‘green team’ vomited after eating grass. In fact, that sudden hit of fibre actually serves a ‘deeper’ purpose.

But rather than being spiritual, this grass actually acts like a broom deep inside their body. The ball of indigestible fibre it becomes essentially sweeps any intestinal parasites out of their digestive system. But before you panic thinking your cat (or dog) is full of worms, relax. This is just an instinctive drive. They’ll do it regardless of whether they’re full of parasites or in perfect health. It’s simply their version of spring cleaning...

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