August 23, 2019

The cold dramatically affects this one body part

The cold dramatically affects this one body part
Dr. Chris Brown

You’re not going crazy. Your dog’s nose does change colour, especially around this time of year. But there’s a very good reason why...

It might be one of their most impressive and obvious assets but that doesn’t mean it can’t spring some surprises on you. And August is actually the month where the nose makes its most dramatic changes. In fact, I’ve been noticing a spate of nosey changes in the vet clinic this week.

Strangely enough, the nose does switch colour to suit the season. The cold of winter (in the southern hemisphere) makes an enzyme called ‘tyrosinase’ less active. And because this enzyme’s job is to produce nasal pigment, you’ll often see black noses become brown and brown noses fade in colour. While once summer hits (like it currently is in the northern hemisphere) this enzyme kicks into action, darkening the nose once again. Age, inflammation or repeated sun exposure can also lighten that nose over time...

Turns out that nose is even busier than we ever thought.

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