August 14, 2020

This cat has a very different take on hunting mice

This cat has a very different take on hunting mice
Dr. Chris Brown

Bringing rats and mice home to humans is so 2019 for this cat. He spends his nights hunting shoes. Here’s why cats collect these ‘gifts’...

For thousands of years, slightly disturbed cat mums and dads have woken to (often dismembered) rats and mice in their bedroom. But Jordan the cat has moved on from the mini rodents. Over the last 6 months he’s delivered 37 shoes to his humans. So why do cats insist on this gift giving of all these different shapes, sizes and surprises?

Well when that present is living, that cat is trying to help train your hunting techniques. Yes, like a lion brings prey to its cubs to hone their skills on, your cat is trying to be your Mr Myagi of the feline martial arts. When the offering isn’t alive or an object (like a shoe), you’re looking at a pure present to express gratitude at being part of your pride. So take pride in that!

Thankfully for Jordan and his human family, almost all the footwear has been returned to its true owners. Although, Cinderella style, there are a few shoes that are still missing their princesses.

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