August 07, 2020

Why dog and cat feet smell like corn chips

Why dog and cat feet smell like corn chips
Dr. Chris Brown

Your pet’s feet are pretty remarkable. They’re essentially their go anywhere sports shoe, casual kick and sleeping slipper all in one neat package.

But they do have a quirk that leads them to smell like one of our favourite snack foods. And here’s why…

You see, while the rest of your pet’s body doesn’t sweat, the surface of their toe pads do. They secrete a clear fluid that’s soaked up by the skin and fur around their foot.

This damp fur then provides the perfect food to some skin bacteria that release the subtle odours that smell like you need a side order of salsa and guacamole stat!

Yep, corn chips (or even popcorn) is the odour most commonly associated with those cute little toe beans...and their ahem...bacteria. 

For the most part, these bugs are considered normal residents with every right to be there.

However, if those feet become irritated and itchy because of allergies (to grasses, weeds or food) then that means more of those tasty secretions for those bacteria and yeast to feast upon.

The result? An overgrowth of those bugs and a smell that’s more overpowering, fruity and unpleasant. Smell something more like human sweat, soil or even compost and you might just need something stronger than salsa to soothe those irritations.

That’s where my 2 minute foot soothing hack may come in handy…

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