August 25, 2020

Why cats stare at you in the bathroom 😳

Why cats stare at you in the bathroom 😳
Dr. Chris Brown

Ok here it is. The question everyone seemingly wants answered. Why do cats obsessively stare at us while we’re in the bathroom?!

No room fascinates felines more than your bathroom. If they get a sense you’re headed for the human litter box, they’ll beg, borrow and steal their way in. But once they make it, they just stop and stare at you; even when you’re in the shower. While some of us are captivated and confused, others are simply creeped out! Well, wait no more. Here’s your answer.

Your toilet time is golden for two main reasons. The umm…’number one’…reason is that your bathroom break is basically the only 5 minutes where you’re not distracted by cooking, cleaning, the kids or the TV. Your cat seizes on the fact they have a captive (and stationary) audience because they know the chances of a pat or simply a chat are high. The…ahem…’number two’ reason is that the experience appeals to their senses. Their inner tiger loves experiencing (and analysing) your scent on a deeper level, while the running water of your shower captivates their interest in ‘movement’.  That running water is better than cat TV!

It’s just lucky that because they’re so small, there’s often bath-room for two…

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