September 01, 2020

Why wee can say so much

Why wee can say so much
Dr. Chris Brown

A small wee patch in the house led me to a surprising discovery. Here’s a great example of how our furry family have unique (and often messy) ways of telling us what we’re not seeing…

Why wee can say so much from Drool By Dr. Chris Brown on Vimeo.

Like most cats, my black and white moggie/massage therapist “Cricket” has been relatively well toilet trained. Then cut to last week when all of a sudden, small wee patches started appearing around the house. Knowing it wasn’t me…and this could be a sign of a bladder infection (cystitis), kidney issues or even diabetes, I performed the necessary checks. When the tests came back clear AND Cricket started showing some strange, obsessive licking tendencies, I started to think this might be behavioural.

But why would she be anxious? And would she insist on marking out her home patch if there were no new pets or people around? This is when my ‘vetective’ instincts kicked in. Sure I’m not currently in Africa but I do still have the camera I use to track leopards over there. So last night I set up that night vision camera to capture what might be happening outside the house while I was sleeping and Cricket was meant to be.

And here it is. The living, breathing (and spraying) reason why Cricket is reminding everyone that she still owns the house she lives in. This boy is putting his scent around the house trying to buy the real estate off the current resident.

An interesting example of how pets can tell us so much without ever saying a word. Now if anyone recognises this cat, I’d really appreciate his phone number!

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