March 11, 2020

Why March drives pets mad

Why March drives pets mad
Dr. Chris Brown

No matter where you are in the world, March is the month where pets are most likely to lick, itch and scratch themselves to the brink of insanity. Here’s why...

A last blast of rain and warm temperatures in the southern hemisphere brings grasses to seed, moulds to spore and even gives fleas one final chance to breed. While in the north, spring time is sending pollen counts skyrocketing. This means we’re looking at a worldwide allergy epidemic for the next month.

Look out for chewing of the feet, irritated ears, red itchy bellies and even pets dragging their backside across the back lawn. Essentially they’re itchy everywhere and need you to know. Stat!

And while we can’t wrap them in a bubble, we can ease the itch. Antihistamines and cortisone have been the main treatments for years, but there are new drugs on the market that are also making a difference.

Tip: Washing feet off after a run in the park and avoiding walking on grass on wet or dewy mornings are great ways to minimise allergy irritations.

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