March 19, 2020

Why pets are the best personal assistants!

Why pets are the best personal assistants!
Dr. Chris Brown

If there is an upside to the current situation, it’s my social feeds getting clogged with pics of dogs and cats manning their home office with their owners. But aside from the light relief, there are some heavy health benefits to all this petting!

Here are five benefits of working from home as a pet owner:

1. Increased happiness

A week ago you would have been dumping food into a dish and topping up their water bowl before dashing madly out the door. Working from home allows you to spend some quality time with your pets before, during and after the workday. It’s quite the bonus to an otherwise worrying time.

2. Reduce stress

Owning a pet has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. So as we self isolate with our pets, we not only reduce our stress from working from home, but we compound that stress reduction by owning a pet. Win-win!

3. Increased productivity

Studies have shown that working from home increases productivity. See! It’s not just something we tell the boss when we’re feeling a little dusty. It’s fact! Plus without that worry of how your little mate is coping at home without you, you’ll be surely at employee of the month status in no time!

4. More hugs, More exercise

Dogs and cats don’t just enjoy the highs of your company. Another one of their cravings gets satisfied. Exercise. This might be incidental through playing with toys or enticing you into a game, or it can be through a walk. And with physical fitness having benefits for the immune system of pets and people, that exercise is a big bonus.
And even in countries like Italy experiencing a full lockdown, special allowances are being made to take walks so pets can get exercise...

5. More time to check their health

This time isn’t all about human health. This extra time together may help you observe elements of their health that need extra attention. And trust me, vet clinics are still well and truly open for business. Just don’t ask us for hand sanitiser or face masks. We’re all out too!

Three bonus tips for working from home with a furry friend:

  1. Pet bed - Consider placing a cozy pet bed in your office so your pet is nearby throughout the day. This will help you remain more focused and you won’t be concerned about what your pet might be doing when they're out of sight.
  2. Watch the treats - Now that you’re spending more quality time with your pet, be sure to keep an eye on how many treats you’re giving them each day. Being with your pet more often could lead to over-eating and over-treating.
  3. Break walks - While self isolating and working from home, it's a good idea to get some fresh air occasionally. A quick walk around the block will not only benefit you and your productivity but your pet will appreciate it as well.
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