July 23, 2020

Why pets can’t walk with socks on 😳

Why pets can’t walk with socks on 😳
Dr. Chris Brown

Put socks or bandages on your best friend then this is the bizarre result. Here’s the funny reason for the funny walk...

Unlike us humans, the hairy family don’t grow up with socks on their feet. In fact, well before we even learn to walk, we learn to accept that covering up our feet with shoes or socks is kosher. So when our pets suddenly have their toe-pads covered, there’s a mild panic attack.

There’s also a physiological reason for the funny walk. Dogs rely on constant feedback from their foot pads to tell them everything from how fast they’re walking to exactly what they’re standing on. So when that signal (called proprioception) is blocked by socks, a bandage or even protective boots, they assume the worst and think their foot is stuck. The fact there’s increased pressure on their paw from their footwear only increases the suspicion. Instinct then kicks in and they walk like they’re trying to lift their paw free of its temporary prison.

But just like a human in their first pair of heels or footy boots, that funny foot feeling will pass....

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