August 03, 2020

Why pets are drinking so much water right now

Why pets are drinking so much water right now
Dr. Chris Brown

We might not be the only one’s drinking a little but more than usual. Here’s why dogs and cats are hitting the water hard at the moment...

I’m currently getting overrun with clients worried about why their dogs and cats are drinking more water than usual right now. But surely this doesn’t make sense.

After all, compared to summer when the furry family drink water to keep themselves cool, winter surely shouldn’t see as many trips to the bowl (or tap, shower or toilet 😬) right?

But winter throws up a few surprises...
You see, even though over-heating isn’t a concern, sitting inside a house with heating does have quite an effect on them. All forms of heating actually dry the air significantly, meaning even just sleeping the day away can dehydrate all of us meaning all those slurps are essential to keep hydrated.

The other factor is casual drinking. You see when you’re not visiting the park (or even backyard) as much as normal, they’re not having those quick and casual slurps from taps, puddles and pools. Which means you’re seeing every sip like you do in winter.

And in case you’re wondering, how much water is too much?
Well if you divide their weight (in kg) by 10 then you get the amount of water that’s their upper limit.
For example, for a 10kg dog, any more than 1L a day is too much.

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