September 30, 2019

Why that litter tray tells you EVERYTHING

Why that litter tray tells you EVERYTHING
Dr. Chris Brown

Want to know what your cat really thinks of you? Well, the answer is waiting for you…in their litter tray. And it all comes down to whether they leave or bury their business.

Here’s the thing. Cats are renowned for keeping it cool; even when they’re crazy about you. Sometimes it seems like they never call, they never text and they certainly never write…but they do leg rub.

Yet in an absolute masterstroke, somehow it just makes us want their respect and affection even more.

Well, research has now shown there is a way to tell their true feelings. And it all has to do with their poo! Here’s how it works.

If they try to BURY their business in the litter then you’re in luck. By concealing their own scent, they’re making it clear they see you as the boss. Respect is yours to enjoy. 'Burying' even includes those amusing 'attempts' at burying. But that's a story for another time... 

However, if they LEAVE it on display in the tray, then be warned. You’re dealing with a rebel. Leaving that scent exposed can indicate they’re playing by their own rules and there might even be some sort of cat coup coming. Or is that a meow-tiny?!
Oh and for the record…Cricket buries. Or tries to. Much to my surprise...

Furball + Skin Cat
Furball + Skin Cat

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