September 09, 2022

Your cat’s love languages explained!

Your cat’s love languages explained!
Dr. Chris Brown

Imagine the frustration of confessing your love but in a language your best friend can’t understand. Well, worry no more. In a world first, I’m about to decipher your cat’s love languages…

Here they are…

I put it you that cats aren’t aloof, independent and are certainly not emotionally cold. Instead, they’re showing their love in languages you can’t quite translate. So after analysing the body language of the most besotted cats around, here are your cat’s love languages explained.

How many does your cat use?

Purrs of affirmation:
The most obvious and overt of all the love languages. And it’s such a sweet one. Because that purring (caused by a vibration of their diaphragm and layrnx) radiates joy, affection and affirms their affection towards you. And no matter whether they’re sitting on your or next to you, the meaning is the same. They adore you. Hopefully you’re off to a good start!

Physical touch:
This is such a big one. That leg rub on the walk past not only reminds you they’re emotionally and physically connected but massages and pawing at you show a level of dependence that’s so incredibly sweet. In fact, that level of interaction has only ever been shown to their mum when they were kittens. And you give them similar feels of love and security…

Acts of service/Gift Giving:
When that lack of an opposable thumb (and money) means you can’t buy roses or chocolates, you have to be creative. And that little mind of theirs is more than capable. Whilst generations of outdoor cats have brought in mice, the modern day moggie will try bringing their toys to you or even your commonly used household items like coffee pods and pens. Trying to impress and show they’re a hunter you should be proud of…

Warmth sharing:
That warm lap, that special nook in your neck or lying between your legs while you sleep is about more than some extra heat. It’s also showing the level of security and complete contentment you provide in their lives. Something they’d be lost without…and do struggle without when you’re out of the house. Just how quickly the signs of separation anxiety appear should tell you that…

Scent exchange:
Their own scent is deeply personal and the source of so many feelings of belonging. So to rub their cheek scent pouches on you with a head-butt or a face rub says they see the two of you as one beautiful, loving team for life. And even though we can’t smell those pheromones, you wearing them makes them feel so safe and secure.

The bonus language?
Blink and you’ll miss it!
It’s so commonly missed. But more often than you realise, cats will check in with how you’re feeling by looking at you and performing a slow blink. Call it insecurity or a truly dependable lover, but either way, cats show this sign only to those they care about deeply. And you’ll make their day if you perform it back…

So how many did you score?

Hopefully all six. But just remember, cats don’t give the love away for free. It’ll be there soon enough but they are renowned for the long game. But once they’ve settled on you, there’s truly no shaking them. They’re as dependable as any animal (or human for that matter) on the planet.

Calm + Collected Cat
Calm + Collected Cat

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