June 17, 2022

Why dogs and cats must sit on your feet!

Why dogs and cats must sit on your feet!
Dr. Chris Brown

So they might have the entire park (or lounge room) to rest but the only real estate they care about is your feet. So here’s the surprising reason they sit there…

Warning: It’s pretty damn sweet!

This one generates a lot of bemused glances in the park or when friends are around. And while it may initially look like they’re just trying to keep their backside (or foot) dry when they perch it on your Puma’s, the true purpose is a lot deeper and heartfelt. And it may just make you go…Awwww.

So here’s why it happens…

That park is an exciting and stimulating place. All those smells and all those balls and toys bouncing around them. But the park (and even your own home when you have loud noises around) can also be an overwhelming place. And the foot sit is their unique way of telling you they’re just starting to struggle.

Brace yourself. But it’s basically your furry child’s way of reaching up and holding your hand for support.

At that exact moment, they’re experiencing some social anxiety. Something many dogs and cats (and people) suffer from regularly. So try to see it as a gift. A heads up to what is really happening inside that head of theirs.

After all, so many pets suffer with anxiety and stress over everything from difficult social interactions to loud noises, separation and storms.

But you can help. The L-theanine in my Calm + Collected treats is proven to make unfamiliar situations less confronting and anxiety inducing. And all without sedating them like drugs do.

Calm + Collected
Calm + Collected

So no matter how confusing it may seem, try to appreciate their honesty about their feelings and the emotional comfort they’re getting from knowing you (and your foot) are there for them. Meanwhile, I have something in my eye over Buzzy trying to hold my hand…

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