June 21, 2022

How to handle that 'sleepus interruptus'

How to handle that 'sleepus interruptus'
Dr. Chris Brown

I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing 'sleepus interruptus' right now. That night time neediness is really peaking. The result is something that's far from a settled night's sleep for everyone. 

But here's why it's happening...

The nights might be long right now but the same can’t be said for our sleep. In fact, so many people are telling me how their sleep is being interrupted by restless (and magnetic) furry family members. So why are they now moving in so close?

Well there are two main reasons. First of all, it’s security. Sure they feel more able to protect us if they’re a full body contact bodyguard. But THEY also feel safer this way.

But the biggest reason is actually body warmth. Cats and dogs have a body temperature nearly 2 degrees higher than ours meaning they need more heat to maintain it. And they’re happy to spend our sleeping hours trying to find it. Especially when the hours of 2am-6am are often the coldest of all.

The result? They’re drawn to our warmest spots. So expect them to migrate towards the nook behind your knees, your groin and yes, your neck and face. You’re essentially a human hot water bottle.

So how do you keep them happy while you still get your 8 hours sleep?!

For starters, give them the heat they’re craving. A hot water bottle or a heat pack warmed up before bed, wrapped in a towel and then placed in your bed, their bed or on a chair nearby will mean they’re drawn to that rather than you. Saving you from the whisker tickle to the face that always wakes us up. Something I know only too well!

Keeping them busy during the day with time occupying toys and exercise will not just tire them out but also establish a body clock that's more compatible with yours. 

Oh and if you want to ensure they have a restful rather than a restless night, just one Calm + Collected treat (with chamomile and L-theanine) before bed works wonders. It’s the secret to relaxed nights in our house….

Calm + Collected
Calm + Collected

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